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The Decision Coaches Advantage

The people can be smart, but the institution can be dumb.

~Alvin Toffler

The Decision Coaches Advantage

Do your planning, strategy and decision forums:

  • Seem to drag on indefinitely and unnecessarily?
  • Seem to ignore or side-step the critical issues?
  • Seem to lack a compelling basis to gain upper management approval of the outcome?
  • Seem to be driven by a singular vocal participant?
  • Seem to end without a definitive outcome, no buy-in, and no clear picture of the final outcome?

In short, do you dread these meetings? Do you find the results disappointing? Do you look back at key decisions and feel like the organization should have known better?

You do know better.

Decision Coaches is a new breed of facilitation-based consulting known as "Structured Collaboration." Marrying a professional facilitator - to ensure objectivity, participation and pace - an analytic software suite - to ensure the rapid capture and logical synthesis of the knowledge shared - and a swift, comprehensive process - to ensure a full exploration of every tangible and every intangible consideration - Decision Coaches achieves dramatic, actionable insight from a group in unprecedented time.

Faced with an increasingly interconnected world and an ever-deepening ocean of data, modern business is desperate to simply complex situations. As humans, our tendency is to "cut to the chase" or seek out the "magic, silver bullet" to focus our energies of deliberation. Artificially simplifying the situation, we tend to fixate on the most obvious aspect of the situation or the most commonly referenced or easily accessible data. However, this is merely succumbing to our individual biases, and ultimately, a recipe for failure.

The most critical aspect of high-stakes decision-making is not in research and data; additional numbers will not clarify the problem. Nor is it solely in perceptions, judgments, and instincts; a gut-feel is far too unreliable a compass. The most critical aspect of successful high-stakes decision-making is in the experience and insight to know what the numbers really mean.

The Decision Coaches Approach™ is specifically designed from nearly 20 years experience for Speed, Substance, Objectivity and Collaboration. Providing a unified assessment and analysis of both tangible and intangible considerations, it continues to open up the minds of our clients and workshop participants to new competitive possibilities including new discriminators, value propositions, products and services, teaming strategies, mergers and acquisitions and, of course, customer positioning.

The Decision Coaches Advantage™, quite simply, is

  • You will accomplish more in less time,
  • The findings and rationale will be thoroughly understood by all those present and easily communicated to those who were not present,
  • ...and...

  • You will swiftly transform your knowledge, experience and insight into high-quality, highly effective actionable results

...while your competitors continue to operate slowly, struggling with conventional techniques to somehow try and put the pieces together objectively.

The Decision Coaches Advantage™

Designed For Speed. The Decision Coaches Advantage™ is in our unique collaborative consulting approach designed to quickly harness the collective knowledge, experience and discernment of your group yet ensure a comprehensive assessment of both the tangible and intangible consideration at play to rapidly sense and respond to your customers, goals, markets, or problems with insightful, creative action. Unlike traditional consultants, we won't chalk up billable hours meticulously picking the brains of your people, only to supply you with volumes of "answers" that either you don't buy into or, worse, that you already knew. From start to finish, a Decision Coaches engagement usually lasts only a few days.

Designed For Substance. Our dynamic, interactive & structured approach is designed to ensure a complete assessment of the forces, needs and considerations in your decision with an explicit evaluation of their role and importance, and the development of a measurable, actionable plan to achieve success. Unlike traditional facilitators who are normally dynamic and engaging, we won't run a meeting that just feels good but ultimately falls short on substantive conclusions.

Designed For Objectivity. The Decision Coaches Approach™ is designed to maximize creativity and generate a candid give-and-take ... Unlike the traditional Do-It-Yourself internal approach that seems cost-effective, but rarely leads to objective answers that push the limits of your comfort zone, are often heavily influenced by the bias of the lead person, and are more often than not packaged to satisfy "what the higher-ups want to hear," leading to plans and decisions that just sit on the shelf till next year when they get dusted off and refreshed.

Designed For Collaboration. The Decision Coaches Approach™ is designed upon the belief that, in most cases, your key personnel know enough to collaboratively create sound conclusions and plans, but that default management systems, tactical mindsets and politics usually prevent you from benefiting from your collective knowledge, wisdom, judgment and ideas. The ability to think strategically together and generate actionable results seems to never happen.

Designed For You. You've heard of personal coaches, life coaches and executive coaches. How about organization coaches? We chose to call our company "Decision Coaches."

"Decision" You will make a real decision and take real action.

"Coaches" The result is your group's intellectual property. Everyone contributes, everyone understands the findings, and everyone buys-in.

If you are serious about taking strategic action with thought and insight, the Decision Coaches Approach™ will synthesize your thoughts into actionable insight.

Designed From Experience. We don't ask you to start from a blank sheet of paper. Our software is loaded with industrial strength models to handle most strategic issues, model that have proven themselves [Case Studies], models that are fundamentally sound, not just based on the latest best-selling but short-lived business book.

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