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The Decision Coaches Approach(TM)

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.

~Douglas Adams

The Decision Coaches Approach(TM)

Decision Coaches is a new breed of facilitation-based consulting known as "Structured Collaboration."

For nearly 20 years, Decision Coaches has enabled superior structured collaboration and remarkable results in complex decision-making for our government, commercial, government-contracting and private clients in aerospace, academics, financial services, manufacturing, natural resources, pharmaceuticals, utilities, and dozens of other industries.

Marrying a professional facilitator - to ensure objectivity, participation and pace - an analytic software suite - to ensure the rapid capture and logical synthesis of the knowledge shared - and a swift, comprehensive process - to ensure a full exploration of every tangible and every intangible consideration - the Decision Coaches Approach™ is specifically designed from two decades of experience for Speed, Substance, Objectivity and Collaboration... achieving dramatic actionable insight from a group in unprecedented time.

A collaborative consulting approach that harnesses the collective knowledge, experience and discernment of your group into a unified assessment and analysis of both tangible and intangible considerations, the Decision Coaches Approach™ allows you to sense and respond to your customers, markets, or problems with insightful, creative action and continues to open up the minds of our clients and workshop participants to new competitive possibilities including new discriminators, value propositions, products and services, teaming strategies, mergers and acquisitions and, of course, customer positioning.

The Decision Coaches Approach™

Collaboration: None of us is as smart as all of us. True collaboration is not simply sharing opinions; it's not racing to a democratically achieved, averaged answer. It's about debating varying opinions, testing biases, and validating substantiations to reveal ground truth; it's about marrying the perspectives, experiences and ideas of the entire group to generate new ideas that are better than any one individual could have produced alone.

The Decision Coaches Approach™ takes collaboration beyond merely sharing your individual knowledge to building on your collective knowledge through face-to-face evaluation of each element of a situation. Sometimes called "a mechanized argument", each discussion is carefully encapsulated to ensure focus; no one argument tips the scale and no one person is always right. But together through the Decision Coaches open implementation, true collaboration occurs, new insights are realized, and creative action results.

Often, Decision Coaches workshop participants leave with a different opinion of the situation at hand than when they arrived. Always, participants leave knowing more about the situation than when they arrived. And inevitably, everyone leaves thoroughly understanding the findings producing a unified buy-in. Simply sharing the collective knowledge - especially in an anonymous fashion - cannot produce these insightful and team-building results.

Comprehensive: Faced with an increasingly interconnected world, it is imperative that you factor into a decision or situational assessment a comprehensive set of considerations as possible. But, with an ever-deepening ocean of data, modern business is desperate to simplify complex situations. The tendency is to "cut to the chase" or seek out the "magic, silver bullet" to focus our energies of deliberation. Artificially simplifying the situation, we tend to fixate on the most obvious aspect of the situation or the most commonly referenced or easily accessible data. However, this is merely succumbing to our individual biases, and ultimately, a recipe for failure.

Don't oversimplify the problem; don't re-plow the field; and don't re-invent the wheel making the same mistakes over and over again. Built upon decades of experience guiding Fortune 500 companies to double-digit growth in revenue and profit; successful mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; and transformational product development, introductions and even discontinuations; the Decision Coaches Approach ™ provides situation-specific models that will expertly guide you through a proven situational assessment that has been utilized, tested, and refined for eighteen years. As one customer put it, "These models are industrial strength!"

Structure: Decision Coaches' dynamic, interactive & structured approach is specifically designed to simplify the hardest, most complex decisions to easily manage the pieces, quickly collect the insight, and dynamically portray the findings guiding teams through the rapid development of innovative, targeted, out-of the-box actions and solutions.

Decision Coaches' exclusive, collaborative, decision support system (DSS), AliahTHINK!, automates our repeatable, software-based approach to decision-making. Documenting the entire decision-making process tracking progress, identifying linkages, and producing a complete, detailed audit trail of the team's rationale AliahTHINK! allows for instantaneous updates as conditions or assumptions change, enables "what-if" scenario planning and sensitivity analysis, and completely avoids any reliance upon ad-hoc, often rigid paper-based solutions, with fixed output that only documents conclusions.

Priorities: Everything is not equal. A comprehensive view ensures thoroughness, but it also presents the need to determine what's most important - what requirements are most important to your customer; what issues are most important to your organization's long-term success; what risks present the greatest threat to your success.

Further complicating the situation is the presence of intangible considerations inherent in a comprehensive view. These critical, intangible considerations are all too often ignored in the race to produce a compelling business case with a tangible justification. But if that mode of operation leads to ignoring or de-emphasizing aesthetics, culture, customer relationship, competitiveness, brand, customer perceptions, risk,... then incomplete and misguided decisions will result. Intangible considerations such as culture are the primary reasons why most M&As fail to deliver on promised results. Intangible considerations such as aesthetics drove the award of the $200B F-35 fighter aircraft contract. If one can't deal with the intangible elements of the real world, then one can not make optimal real world decisions.

The imperative of taking on the comprehensive, including intangibles, requires a scientifically valid means to prioritize these aspects to create a valid situational assessment. That's why Decision Coaches employs AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) to enable a group to sift through aspects of the entire situation

Facilitation: By employing a professional, challenge-based facilitation, The Decision Coaches Approach™ maximizes creativity and generates a candid give-and-take that ensures all participants express their opinion, preventing a personality-dominated conversation where opinions that do not align with the dominant voice are ignored or remain unheard resulting in group-think.

If, as the old adage says, two heads are better than one, then ten are better than two... potentially. But the ability to realize a group's potential requires more than the status quo facilitation techniques. The world is getting too complex for that. Today's world requires more than bias sharing, it requires knowledge building. By combining these Decision Coaches has created an unmatched approach to help our clients see the light through structured, facilitated collaboration.

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