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Decision Coaches Black-Hat Process(TM).

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Decision Coaches Black-Hat Process(TM).
Action Planning: Action With a Purpose

Having developed a comprehensive assessment of where your competition believes your customer most wants to see a contractor excel, and a thorough analysis of the importance your competition places on each of these potential areas of discrimination, The Decision Coaches Black Hat Workshop™ now harnesses your capture team's collective knowledge, experience and creativity to anticipate your competition's actions and proactively plan your reactions.

By explicitly linking each of your competition's anticipated actions to each of your competition's priorities, the Black Hat Workshop™ pushes your team to think beyond a compliance-based, action-and-reaction mentality rooted in proposal volumes and evaluation factors to the deeper thinking and priorities behind those actions - where your competition believes they will win over your customer, and the trade-offs in performance your competition thinks they can get away with.

Targeting your team's thinking on your customer's final deliberations, and focusing not on what it takes to be simply competitive but on the themes and discriminators it takes to win, your team will develop specific actions to unravel your competition's plans, expose their weaknesses, biases and blind-spots, and demonstrate how you are better able to fully deliver the value embodied in each of your customer's priorities.

Rather than, half-hearted interest or possible resentment to a plan or answer given by the strongest voice in the room or a hired, external consultant, the Black Hat Workshop™ produces a unity of opinion - an enthusiastic buy-in by your entire team to each action. Everyone knows why every action is important. Execution is aided by this group buy-in. And, early planning gives you a powerful opportunity to...

  • Influence the RFP, conditioning the customer not only for your benefit, but for your customer's benefit, too,
  • Optimize your team, choosing partners and teammate not only to satisfy your customer's tangible requirements, but their intangible needs and preferences,
  • Develop and vet themes and discriminators that will yield improved scores across multiple evaluation factors,
  • Set a direction, get ahead of the BD dance, and win over your customer before they ever even see your formal proposal,
  • Leave your competition fumbling to catch up.

Allowing you to capitalize on the maturity of your existing capture planning processes and competitive intelligence while avoiding personal or organizational bias and wasted time "reinventing the wheel," the people, process and tools of Decision Coaches' Black Hat Workshop™ provides the completeness and objectivity for the kind truly insightful, face-the-truth results you need to gain the upper hand over your competition and thrive in today's government contracting environment.

Decision Coaches is unmatched in combining a structured process, professional facilitator, and analytic software aid to generate rational, actionable win strategies that complement any capture process. The results emerge from collaboration by the team with the underlying rationale understood by all generating buy-in. With at least one hard hitting Decision Coaches Win Strategy Workshop at the right proactive juncture, our customers win 80% of the time. Our customers are left with a dynamic deliverable that explains the situation at hand and the rationale that drives action with a clear purpose - winning.

Experience the superior group collaboration and remarkable results of Decision Coaches' Black Hat Process™ that has helped our clients win over 80% of the time and generate more than $20 Billion in revenue in just the last five years.

Are you ready to discover what Decision Coaches' Black Hat Process™ can do for you?  Give us a call: 412-916-1172.

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