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The Decision Coaches Idea Commercialization Process™ accelerates your New Product Development (NPD) decisions by 30% and ensures the personal knowledge and involvement of your entire team: management, R&D and business development as well as appropriate operational team members. Decision Coaches' tools and methods have been accredited for internal use by IBM's corporate NPD team.

For product development teams in Fortune 1000 organizations such as Lubrizol, Fujitsu and Bell South who need to select optimal new product ideas aligned with organizational goals in the fuzzy front-end of NPD, the Idea Commercialization Process™ collaborative, consulting approach augments and "turbo-charges" your organization' New Product Development (NPD) process. By injecting Decision Coaches' field-tested, proprietary "how-to" methodologies, supported by a certified Decision Coaches™, NPD teams achieve swift, defensible and actionable new product choices and plans.

Unlike traditional NPD processes that focus on "what to do" but fall short on proven "how-to" methods for NPD results, the Decision Coaches Idea Commercialization Process™ leverages Decision Coaches' proprietary collaborative AliahTHINK!® software to ensure your NPD teams make their own optimal decision, guided by and consistent with your organization's goals.

Decision Coaches' Idea Commercialization methodologies - AliahSCREENER!, AliahBUSINESS-SCENARIO!, AliahLISTEN! and AliahPORTFOLIO! - integrate into your organization's existing NPD processes. Each methodology synthesizes the team's collective knowledge, revealing critical, often hidden gaps in knowledge and latent success factors. Decision Coaches Idea Commercialization Process™ solution enables your organization to credibly take their New Product Development efforts to a higher level.

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