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Decision Coaches Opportunity Portfolio Process(TM).  Do You Have a Pipeline or a Pipe Dream?

Decision Coaches enabled us to clarify our strategic direction and rationalize tough pipeline calls in a collaborative fashion.

~Vice President, Business Development,
L-3 Communications

Decision Coaches Opportunity Portfolio Process(TM).  Do You Have a Pipeline or a Pipe Dream?

Is your opportunity pipeline a magnet for every opportunity that catches your organization's eye, or a powerful tool for guiding your organization's tactical pursuits to ensure strategic success?

The integrated strategic and tactical modeling of Decision Coaches' Opportunity Portfolio Process will revolutionize your organization's portfolio planning efforts by fully engaging your strategic leadership and your tactical operations in a comprehensive, cross-functional analysis and evaluation of the immediate and long-term value of your opportunity pipeline... both your current pursuits and your future opportunities.

Combining the proven, comprehensive planning methodology of the Decision Coaches Approach™; the power of our exclusive collaborative decision support system (DSS) AliahTHINK!® v5.0; and the facilitation expertise of a professional, certified Decision Coach™, the Decision Coaches' Opportunity Portfolio Process™ produces a fully-integrated snapshot of the prioritized factors behind what your organization believes it takes to win business today and grow your business in the future.

Despite everyone's best intentions to the contrary, most opportunities are evaluated from an extremely tactical, opportunistic perspective. Such tactical evaluations are often based in crude, disconnected "templates" such as SWOT analysis, focus groups, customer "hot-buttons," conjoint analysis, or evaluations of customer intimacy that lack a scientifically valid means of understanding...

  • The relative importance of these considerations,
  • The motives behind them,
  • the customer's perspective of the competition,

...let alone the latent needs and unmet opportunities left unaddressed not only by you, but by your competitors as well. And while carefully rationalized, these evaluations seldom amount to more than overly verbose statements of "It's really big" "It's a customer we want to do more with," or "It's our kind of work," with little to no substantive consideration of whether it fits the company's strategic needs.

Conversely, strategic evaluations are often simplistic statements of desire. We want to...

  • Acquire new capabilities, technology or qualifications,
  • Add new customers,
  • Increase market share or customer presence

...that lack a scientifically valid way of measuring each opportunity's contribution toward the complex, interconnected tangible and intangible aspects of the company's strategic goals.

Bridging the gap between all of the tangible and intangible considerations of your tactical imperatives and your strategic goals, Decision Coaches' Opportunity Portfolio Process™ gives you the tools, understanding and frameworks to...


YOUR TACTICAL & STRATEGIC VALUES - See it all at once: a complete picture of your organization's tactical values - your current strengths and imperatives enabling the business you win today - and your organization's strategic values - the fundamental forces, longer-term goals and objectives and core values that will enable your future success. Through the proven frameworks of Decision Coaches' interactive, software-based models, your leadership team will reveal a comprehensive assessment of your organization's tactical and strategic playing field: strengths and weaknesses, assets and liabilities... including powerful, but latent or untapped areas of potential.


YOUR ORGANIZATION'S PRIORITIES & PERSPECTIVE - Combine what you know with what you feel to see what your leadership team really thinks it takes for your company to do business today and into the future. Through the Analytic Hierarchy Process - the only scientifically valid way to prioritize quantifiable requirements against intangible considerations - you'll produce a detailed prioritization and a thorough, rational evaluation of your tactical strengths and imperatives and your strategic goals, objectives and core values that explicitly evaluates the multiple trade-offs your team believes must be made in competing for business opportunities.


YOUR OPPORTUNITY PIPELINE - Harness your capture team's creativity, insight and their collective knowledge & experience in developing a highly detailed, multi-attribute portfolio evaluation of the tactical and strategic strength of each of your current and future opportunities including...

  • Market and Customer Segments,
  • Products, Product Families and New Product Ideas,
  • Portfolio Companies, Business Units and Subsidiaries,
  • Specific Opportunities and Programs,
  • IRaD Investments,

...revealing those opportunities clearly to be pursued, those quickly to be terminated, and those for which creative action must be taken to improve their immediate and / or long-term value to your organization.

...equipping your organization with a unique multi-dimensional evaluation of your organization's potential opportunities, products, markets & market segments, acquisitions, and pursuits in an integrated, dynamic, multi-layer view that will allow your portfolio planning to recapture the agility and vision of the entrepreneurial spirit while coupling it with the diligence and assurance of your mature business processes.



Are you ready to discover what Decision Coaches' Opportunity Portfolio Process™ can do for you?  Give us a call: 412-916-1172.

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