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Decision Coaches Strategic Planning Process(TM).  Make the Future Yours.
Decision Coaches Strategic Planning Process(TM).  Make the Future Yours.
Assessing Your Customer's Values: A Comprehensive View

The Decision Coaches Strategic Planning Process™ transforms organizations from strategic "planners" to strategic "thinkers" through a revolutionary assessment of your organization's strategic landscape.

Are you focusing on the right areas? Are you sure? Built upon decades of experience guiding Fortune 500 companies to double-digit growth in revenue and profit; successful mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; and transformational product development, introductions and even discontinuations; the Strategic Planning Process™ will expertly guide your cross-functional leadership team in the collaborative development of an interactive, software-based model to prioritize the market forces, organizational values and strategic objectives shaping your future.

A Five-Lens Focus

Modeled as a dynamic, complex adaptive system, the Strategic Planning Process™ focuses your leadership's attention through five lenses of strategic value....

Your Customers: Every organization must provide value to its Customers, but too many organizations either dictate that value themselves or let their Customers dictate that value. Strategic planning usually asks the question, "What do we intend to sell." Occasionally, an organization will stand out by asking "What do our customers actually want?" But, the question you should be asking is, "What do we intend to provide them, that they will find of value?"

Your Partners: Every organization must rely on Partners to help. Typical strategic planning may occasionally ask "how?" but will almost never consider "when?" let alone "why?" A good partner enhances your organization's existing capabilities or delivers new capabilities. So, the real question should be, "What new or enhanced capabilities can a Partner provide that is of value to our Organization and our Customers?"

Your Competition: Obviously, you are not alone in your market place. Other companies are competing with you for your customers. Traditional Strategic Planning usually focuses on your Competition's features and services, but ignores the real question of why your customers care about those features and services. The real question you should be asking is, "How will you differentiate yourself from them in a way your customer actually cares about?"

External Forces: Lastly, there are External Forces, forces impacting everyone - you, your Competition, and your Partners. Whether they are technical trends, economic changes or government regulations, the one thing they share in common is that they are beyond your control. Traditional Strategic Planning either ignores these all together or provides no way to quantify their influence in relation to the other considerations of your strategy, making it impossible to effectively plan around them. The question is, "What are they, what impact will they really have, and how important is that impact to your future?"

Your Organization: To survive and thrive, you must be able to define, and understand the value of and impact upon your core values - your Internal Resources, Business Model & Culture, your unique organizational Innovation, and your Strategic Vision.

Internal Resources: What is the value of your Internal Resources - your financial capital, technical competencies, products, facilities, etc. - in achieving your desired future. What impact will that future have on them? What will you need to add or create?

Business Model & Culture:Will your Business Model & your Culture - your management, business processes, etc. - help you achieve your desired future? What impact will that future have on them? What should be protected? What will need to change?

Organizational Innovation: What are your unique Organizational Innovations - those foundational areas of creativity, innovative technology or imaginative approach - that makes all that Your Organization does unique, and uniquely your own? What roll will that play in your future?

Strategic Vision: What is Your Organization's long-term Vision, your long-term aspirations that extend beyond this planning horizon? Are your Brand, reputation, & traditional portfolio of offerings consistent with this longer-term view, and what will that tension mean for your Strategy?

In one view, you'll see your team's collective knowledge, experience and understanding synthesized to reveal critical, often hidden knowledge gaps; latent success factors; and the trade-offs that will make the difference between success and stagnation.

Are you ready to discover what Decision Coaches' Strategic Planning Process™ can do for you?  Give us a call: 412-916-1172.

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