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Decision Coaches Strategic Thinking Process(TM).  Make the Future Yours.
Decision Coaches Strategic Thinking Process(TM).  Make the Future Yours.
Action Planning: Action With a Purpose

Having achieved a comprehensive assessment of the fundamental forces, organizational objectives and core values that will drive your strategy and a thorough analysis of the importance of each of these in achieving your strategic goals, The Decision Coaches' Strategic Planning Process™ now harnesses your cross-functional leadership team's collective knowledge, experience and inherent creativity to develop a specific, measurable plan targeted at a clear, focused purpose: turning your goals into reality.

Explicitly linking each action to each of your strategic priorities, the Strategic Planning Process™ moves you beyond the same-old tired laundry list of actions that seems to define typical strategic plans and encourages the development of creative, insightful actions specifically designed to fully deliver the value embodied in each of your strategic priorities.

With a full accounting of your strengths and weaknesses, a comprehensive assessment every force that will impact your strategy, and a detailed analysis of the relative importance of each in realizing your strategy, every action can be evaluated to ascertain...

  • Gain: How well each action contributes toward achieving your strategic goals,
  • Pain: The cost of implementation,
  • Risk: The consequence of failure.

Through the powerful visualization tools of Decision Coaches' AliahTHINK!™ decision support system, your leadership team will see...

  • Strategic Whitespace: The shape and magnitude of gaps in your strategic plan,
  • Sensitivity Analysis: The volatility and sensitivity of your strategic plan to sudden or gradual changes in the impact of market forces or your own organization's strategic values and objectives,
  • Project Prioritization: The strategic value and relative importance of immediate and long-term projects,
  • Organizational Learning: When used year after year, your leadership team will see how their strategic priorities, operational trade-offs and organizational values have adapted over time in response to the changing forces in your market and their own deepening understanding of your organization's strategic potential within that market dynamic,

...allowing you to quickly see just how fully prepared you are to bring your future into reality. Decision Coaches is unmatched in combining a structured process, professional facilitator, and analytic software aid to generate rational, actionable strategies that complement any corporately prescribed strategic planning techniques. The results emerge from collaboration by the team with the underlying rationale understood by all generating buy-in. Our customers are left with a dynamic deliverable that explains the situation at hand and the rationale that drives action with a clear purpose - winning.

The people, process and tools of Decision Coaches' Strategic Planning Process™ allows your to avoid personal or organizational bias and wasted time "re-inventing the wheel," providing the completeness and objectivity for the kind truly insightful, face-the-truth results you need to thrive in today's volatile markets.

Are you ready to discover what Decision Coaches' Strategic Planning Process™ can do for you?  Give us a call: 412-916-1172.

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