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Decision Coaches Win-Strategy Process(TM).  Compliance Is Not Enough.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

~Charles Darwin

Decision Coaches Win-Strategy Process(TM).  Compliance Is Not Enough.

Are you losing programs you should have won?

Worse, are you winning programs you wish you'd never bid?

It's time for a Win Strategy that changes all that.

The Decision Coaches Win-Strategy Process™ will drive your capture team to a transformational understanding of your customer, revealing the discriminators your customer really wants most beyond mere compliance, who your customer really thinks is best able to deliver, and unifying your capture team around a creative, customer-focused Win-Strategy - an action-oriented capture plan - that will dramatically improve your competitive position.

Get ready for remarkable results. Augmenting even the most robust and effective capture planning processes, The Decision Coaches Win-Strategy Workshop™ targets your team's thinking on the customer's final deliberations, focusing not on what it takes to be simply competitive, but on the themes and discriminators it takes to win. Combining the proven, comprehensive planning methodology of the Decision Coaches Approach™; the power of our exclusive collaborative decision support system (DSS) AliahTHINK!® v5.0; and the facilitation expertise of a professional, certified Decision Coach™, the Win-Strategy Process™ synthesizes and structures your capture teams' collective knowledge and judgment - your customer and competitive intelligence, along with your team's collective experience and wisdom - into unified insight, targeted action, and compelling themes... a capture plan with a truely winning strategy.

In just a single, two-day, high-intensity workshop, your capture team will...


YOUR CUSTOMER'S VALUES - See it all at once - a complete picture of everything your customer wants, needs & hopes for from this procurement. Through Decision Coaches' interactive, software-based model, your capture team will reveal the high-potential customer values that lie at the heart of your customer's requirements, evaluation factors, and "hot buttons." Decision Coaches' proven framework ensures a comprehensive assessment of all possible discriminators, including powerful, but latent or unexpressed areas of differentiation, not just what you're your customer has chosen to ask for.


YOUR CUSTOMER'S PRIORITIES & PERSPECTIVE - Combine what you know with what you feel to see what your customer really thinks of your company, your offering and your competition. Through the Analytic Hierarchy Process - the only scientifically valid way to prioritize quantifiable requirements against intangible considerations - you'll produce a detailed prioritization of your customer's mindset that explicitly evaluates the multiple trade-offs your customer must make in selecting the ultimate winner; and generating a thorough, rational evaluation of your competitive position from your customer's view, revealing where it truly pays to discriminate.


YOUR CUSTOMER'S PREFERENCE - Harness your capture team's creativity and their collective knowledge & experience in creating innovative, detailed, measurable actions explicitly linked to your customer's priorities, ensuring every action is targeted at a clear customer-focused purpose: improving your probability of win (Pwin).

...through the proven power of Decision Coaches' Win-Strategy Process™ that has helped our clients win over 80% of the time and generate more than $20 Billion in revenue in just the last five years.

Are you ready to discover what Decision Coaches' Win-Strategy Process™ can do for you?  Give us a call: 412-916-1172.

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