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Decision Coaches Win-Strategy Process(TM).  Compliance Is Not Enough.
Decision Coaches Win-Strategy Process(TM).  Compliance Is Not Enough.
Analyzing Your Customer's Priorities & Perspective: Not Everything Is Equal

Are you discovering critical customer insight... a little too late?

Unifying the clarity of objective, quantifiable data with the wisdom and judgment of your team's experience in the only scientifically valid way to prioritize quantifiable requirements against intangible considerations, the unique "mechanized argument" of Decision Coaches' prioritization technique enables a truly transformative understanding of your customer and your competitive environment.

Simulating the decision-making process your customer must make in forming their preferential mindset, Decision Coaches' Win-Strategy Workshop™ carefully encapsulates your team's discussion to ensure a structured, focused, and productive conversation producing an explicit, high-fidelity awareness of the trade-offs the decision-makers in your environment will make when deciding that one preference is simply more important to them than another.

Coupled with an equally powerful and detailed competitive analysis technique that allows you to explicitly evaluate the current perception of all competitors against the detailed prioritization of your customer's preferences, the Decision Coaches Win-Strategy Workshop™ surfaces your most compelling differentiators and identifies the critical factors that will enable your team to win, providing your team with a full understanding of the importance of each to your success.

This results in...

  • An intelligent view indicating where it pays to discriminate from your customer's point-of-view,
  • Rapid, detailed information exchange,
  • Rigorous prioritization of your Customer's preferences and your competitive position that ensures all perspectives are considered and synthesized with full documentation,
  • Analytic metrics of your teams confidence in their decision, the logical consistency of their thinking, and the sensitivity of their conclusions,
  • Ability to identify the priorities, impact and influence of various constituencies within your customer's decision-making process,
  • Ability to easily test the impact of scenarios and what-if situations on the spot,
  • Clearly identified knowledge gaps including what your team doesn't know and where to engage the customer for more detailed information,

...and ultimately a unified perspective that transcends simple consensus and surpasses even your customer's own awareness of their preferences.

Highlighting the competitive position of not only your own team, but also your partners and competitors, in light of a thorough, rational evaluation of your competitive position from your customer's point-of-view produces a justifiable Pwin; reveals where it truly pays to discriminate; and inspires robust, focused, game-changing action.

Are you ready to discover what Decision Coaches' Win-Strategy Process™ can do for you?  Give us a call: 412-916-1172.

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